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Inspired in the dark stories of the Winchester Mansion, Bete Noire is a horror game about a cop being trapped in an abandoned mansion after a 911 call saying that an unknown entity was wandering around the mansion.

Solve the mystery, find clues, hide but most importantly ... run.

Created by António Barreiro and Andreia Mendes.

Disclaimer: All the assets, music and models used in the demo were completely free and used with the intention of creating a college project and to showcase the mechanics of the game. We do not own the assets and the respective credit belongs to the respective owners.


Bete Noire (Alpha) 99 MB

Development log


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Ambient is good also wallhack makes the game much funny :D 

Moving left and right is so slow btw

I Scream like a litte girl but dont tell this to someone :3 

Like it ♥

Dont forget the UNICORNS

Thank you very much for your opinion